Smuggling Contraband  

Smuggling Contraband Dub EP download for free.

Thousands of years ago….. Nope, wait, it was last year, Byron and I (Gort vs Goom) hatched the idea to create some Dub tracks using our homemade plate reverb and Roland Space Echo. We would function as rhythm section and fill out the rest of the band with friends. We would play “straight” versions of the songs and then Dub them with all sorts of delay and wobbly goodness. So, 6 months ago Evan “The Melodica Madman” Ballinger and I shared a large pizza and a six pack of beer and came up with the tunes. Armed with lead sheets, Evan, Byron and I recorded the basic rhythm tracks. Over the next few months we lured our talented music buddies into the studio with promises of beer, pizza, fame and fortune. And after a couple of recording sessions the tunes were done.

Just kidding.

Now it was time for Prince Byron, no King Byron, Lord Byron? never mind, it was time for Byron to mix and dub everything. Fast forward a few more months and the songs were sounding good.

Over the past few years we have been fortunate to meet and play with some very talented people in the Denver music scene. Thanks to Lindy Hargrave for the original art work. Thanks to Byron for masterminding the recording and mixing of the whole damn thing. Big thanks to everyone who played on this EP. You are wonderful people and wonderful musicians and I like to think that that is not a coincidence.

Cheers Friends,

Little Fyodor Tribute now on bandcamp! 

Remember when Gort vs Goom recorded a totally warped cover of an already strange Little Fyodor classic? Neither do I.
Well now you can own it! The Unscratchable Itch a Tribute to Little Fyodor is available a
It features our friends the Inactivists as well as some other great Denver bands playing Fyodor tunes. Give it a listen.
The battle was epic…the heavens shook and sky cracked open, releasing a torrent of sounds rivaled only by the infernal rambles of hell itself. What raged on in the dread dark corners of space has made it’s way to earth…for we should all tremble in the wake of GORT VS. GOOM!

Gort, the metallic monster that has been judge, jury, and executioner to countless beings throughout the universe is prepared to let loose interstellar justice.

GOOM, the awesome world crushing monster from Planet X is ready to fly out and deliver undeniable pain and destruction wherever his wings may take him.

Their glorious battle rages out, letting loose a sonic cacophony that is at once pleasurable and maddening, frightening yet enrapturing. Once your ears hear the melody of madness, this hymn of brutality, this choir of calamity you will be shocked into utter silence.

Do not trust your eyes my friends. Only what you hear…from GORT VS. GOOM!!!!!